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TPW 023 Have Gun Will Travel 59-03-15 Death Of A Young Gunfighter

"Death Of A Young Gunfighter" from the old radio series Have Gun, Will Travel aired March 15, 1959 on CBS sponsored by Fitch Shampoo, Fram Filters and Kentucky Club Tobacco. Juan Morita, who has killed twelve, will not kill again...he says! This script was also used on the "Have Gun, Will Travel" television show on March 14, 1959 (the day before the radio broadcast). Barney Phillips, Ben Wright, Clarke Gordon, Harry Bartell, Hugh Douglas (announcer), John Dehner, Julian Fink (writer), Lawrence Dobkin (doubles), Lillian Buyeff, Marian Clark (adaptor), Norman Macdonnell (producer, director), Virginia Gregg, Bill James (sound effects), Tom Hanley (sound effects).

TPW 023 Have Gun Will Travel 59-03-15 Death of a Young Gunfighter


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